Ok, I am finally starting to feel better after being sick with a cold for over 2 weeks now! This has been really brutal. I actually spent 3 days in bed not even getting out of my pj’s. I am still not over the silly thing but at least I am feeling way better than I was (knock on wood).

The good thing about working for yourself when you are not well is that you can give yourself the time and space to get well without feeling an overwhelming sense of quilt. The bad thing is that there is no one to pick up the slack for you regarding work you do have to get done so it just sits and waits for you. Oh well.

Visiting Family

On the last weekend in November my Mom, a close family friend and myself travelled over to the Mainland to attend my new great-nieces baby shower. Isla came several weeks early and had been in the hospital all this time however she was allowed to come home just days before the shower so we all got to see her for the first time.

It was a great weekend with some Black Friday shopping thrown in, the first Christmas movies of the season watched with family and just generally a really fun time. Unfortunately for me, I started getting sick on the day we were travelling home and I was the driver. Well, at least there was no snow just lots of rain!

Lora, Joyce, Mom and Isla

The day of the shower a picture of the proud Grandmother (my sister) holding Isla my Mom the Great Grandmother and our longtime friend and “adopted sister” Lora.

Janice colouring with Georgia

I got to colour with my oldest great niece Georgia. I hadn’t seen her in about a year, and she is walking starting to talk and she was quick to figure out which crayon colours I was asking for. Smart cookie.

I brought over a giant tiger, he is bigger than Georgia.

Mom holding Isla. I only wish my Dad was alive to see his two great-grandchildren however I am sure he was with us in spirit.

I think this is my favourite picture of all time. Georgia finally getting to know her baby sister.

On the Quilting Front

On the Quilting Front, I did manage to work on the Once Upon a Star quilt for about 30 minutes to an hour each day so it is now on the frame and I only have the two side borders left to quilt.

So, side borders, those of you who may read this and quilt on a frame, do you tend to quilt the side borders (if you are custom quilting the quilt) as you work your way down the quilt or do you turn the quilt and quilt the borders all at once?

For me, it depends on the design I have decided to use. Some designs are fine to quilt as you go especially if you have other areas of the quilt you are doing with the same colour thread. Since I only have 18 inches of throat space to work with sometimes I find it much easier to just unpin the quilt, turn it, pin it back on the frame and quilt the side borders all in one pass. That is what I have decided to do with this quilt.

I will share more about that and my thoughts on the McKenna Ryan patterns in general on the next post.

Meanwhile Happy Quilting