Ok so time flies and I look around and it has been over a month since I have last posted. No excuses really!

I have not had any client quilts lately, however that is both good and bad. The good thing is that I have been able to work on some of my own projects and have actually finished quilting one of the two Gravity quilts I have made. Stay tuned for photos of that quilt. I love how it turned out. I still have one left to quilt as well as two other quilt tops that have been sitting around that I have vowed to finish in 2019.

I have also been busy really trying to focus on getting our online marketing business that Kevin and I are working on together. We are trying to learn all we can to start really marketing his art and music which he is so good at. The learning curve is vast though so it is taking far longer than either of us anticipated.

Since becoming involved in this new business venture I have met lifelong friends from all over the world. It has been truly a fantastic journey. I get to meet these people virtually (on Zoom calls) several times a month. On the last weekend in January I actually got to meet up with two of these friends. Mary has just moved from California up to Seattle and another friend Jillana is down from Alaska visiting her daughter in Port Angeles. So we all met up in Seattle and had a blast!

Jillana arranged a photo shoot around Pike Place Market. The day was cloudy however it didn’t rain. the next day, the day I drove home the weather was fantastic. It was a beautiful sunny day and you could see the the mountains surrending the area so crisp and clear. Unfortunately I was driving and unable to grab a picture of them. Too bad.

So stay tuned as I will have pictures of the first Gravity quilt to post this weekend!

Happy Quilting