So this week I took part in a challenge by my business coach Morna McEver Golletz. Morna created a Facebook page Creative Passion to Profit and then she posted one challenge question a day for 5 days to the group. The challenge was to post your answer to the group and then read the others posts and comment on them to start a conversation.

The questions were all designed to get us thinking about our business and to also start stepping out of our comfort zones. For me it was literally to actually put my story out there and to comment (oh horrors) on other peoples comments. It was a great experience and I am so glad I stepped up to the challenge.

Usually I am a lurker on these types of sites. This comes back to the old record that has played in my head for years, I am not good enough. Why would anyone want to hear from me. What I discovered in actually stepping up to the challenge is that we are basically all the same. Oh sure our stories may differ, how we came to be on this journey, what kind of art we create etc, however the underlying core, the heart of the matter is what counts and in that we are very much all alike, well at least in that group.

When you start to read other people’s stories you quickly discover that they too are often struggling with the same fears as you, even the bigger names I recognized and some of the artists whose blogs I had been following (without commenting) for the past few years.

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This past week was a real eye opener for me and I am so glad I decided to accept the challenge and actually do the assignments. It has been an interesting week as I have also had other doors open and opportunities present themselves. Not sure if those doors are going to lead anywhere as yet but I have decided to accept that challenge as well.

So here’s to moving forward, growing and moving out of comfort zones!

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Happy Quilting

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