Today we left Hakone by motor coach and travelled to Odawara station. On our travels we saw Odawara Castle from a distance and the bus driver kindly stopped so we could all take some photos.  From there we said good bye to the driver and headed into the station to board the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kanazawa. Since we would be travelling on the train over lunch, Yoshi gave us some time to go and get a bento boxed lunch (ekiban) that we would be enjoying while enroute.

There were so many choices it was hard to pick but Karen and I finally found one that looked really good that had salmon, meatballs, and a breaded pork cutlet. We both really enjoyed it.


Most of the day was taken up travelling on the train and enjoying the passing scenery. Once we got to Kanazawa we walked the short distance to our hotel and Yoshi said he would take us on a guided walk before going to our restaurant for dinner. Karen opted out as she was tired and it turned out just as well really, it was so cold and kept trying to snow more than once.

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant and was very good however it did start to snow in earnest while we were eating so some of the group opted to take taxis back to the hotel (me among them) and other opted to brave the weather and walked back to the hotel.

Ugh again so grateful to my thermal undershirts I found.

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Next up some sights and info about Kanazawa home of Gold Leaf



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