Have you ever tried to get good at something and then given up because you start comparing your work, life or whatever it is you are trying to achieve to someone else?

Well, that is totally happening to me for the past two weeks. I finally had a lull in between client quilts (more are on the way) so I decided to put the endless Vintage Valentine hand applique quilt on the frame.

Now, do I just throw the quilt on the frame, quilt it with all-over design and call it done? No, I decide to practise and do something different, something I wouldn’t do on a client quilt (it would take far too long).

Of course, the design is something I don’t do on a consistent basis, not to mention something I have actually never done before, so I immediately went into comparison mode and ended up walking away from the project completely depressed because my quilting didn’t look perfect like all of the quilters in the magazines and online that win awards.

It’s also the first time I have ever used a blue washout marking pen on an actual quilt, not just a practice piece, and I was so nervous, especially as I have spent years on this baby!

Sigh, of course, it wouldn’t look like that, it is something I have never done before. To get as good as the award winners would mean that I would have to put hours of practice in, something I obviously haven’t done. Quilting pantographs or even light custom quilting isn’t the same as starting on “micro quilting”.

There is a quote from Marie Forleo that I came across the other day “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”.

This quote is so true and something I obviously forget when I start thinking I am going to be perfect at something on my very first try.

Now, truthfully the quilting isn’t bad, I am obviously not a total novice, but when it comes to some of these designs, I do need more practice.

But, hey, I am branching out, and getting it done! When the quilt is off the frame it will look amazing (as long as you don’t look too closely). With all of the work I have done with this quilt I am not giving it away so putting the extra time and effort into it is worth it for me.

I am actually really proud of myself for just getting in and trying something different instead of taking the easy way out.

Way to go me!

How about you, do you expect perfection on the first try?


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