The house is slowly getting back to normal. The last three months of living out of my master bedroom were really interesting, to say the least. I felt so cooped up. The one bright spot is that I realized I could live in a much smaller space if I really ever needed to. The two that actually seemed to enjoy it were the cat and dog. Both hung out with me as I either worked on my hand sewing project or on the computer. 

The one bright spot in all of this is that the house is looking better than ever. I guess that is the message in life too. Whenever something bad happens, something better almost always comes out of it. 


When I picked the flooring 5 years ago, I had just purchased the house and hadn’t actually lived in it. I loved the flooring I picked but after living here I realized that the flooring needed to be lighter to brighten the whole place up so when I was told I had to replace the flooring I took the opportunity to get a lighter floor than what I had originally picked. I was a little worried about my choice as I made my decision on the flooring in under 30 minutes. I know that would seem a ridiculously short amount of time for some people, as I know some people hum and haw for days.

Nope, not me. Still, I did wonder if I made the right decision. I need not have worried though as it turned out great. I guess all my quilter colour training has paid off in some ways! Ha!

Finally quilting again

I am loving having my studio back in order and finished two quilt tops. I have one on the frame now and am so enjoying quilting again! I don’t think I realized how much I missed using my long arm. I just have to quilt the border of the quilt but haven’t decided what design I want to use. I have two completely different themes running around in my head. I need to sketch them out a little more.

Once the quilt on the frame is finished then it’s onto the Vintage Hearts quilt. Now that I have finished appliqueing the quilt top the last thing I want to do is have the top sitting around forever so the sooner I get that thing completely finished the better! I can’t wait!

Last Word

Age is only a state of mind, you are as young as you think. Laliah Gifty Akita

This quote has been brought home to me a lot lately. I have recently taken a temporary job at a contact centre where I am taking calls helping people. It is amazing to me how many people say to me on the call, “oh I am too old to use a computer” and then when it comes to their birthdate they are 10 years younger than me! What!! Seriously, well, I guess you’re old if you think you are! I’m so glad I believe in continuous learning I would hate to talk myself out of learning new things.

Keep learning and growing!


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