This was to be a travel day to our last destination. Karen had been fighting a cold the last couple of days and this morning I woke up not feeling so well. Since travelling on the trains in Japan wearing a mask is more the norm than not, both Karen and I decided to travel like locals and wore masks. Anywhere else I would have felt totally out of place.

We arrived at our destination just afternoon and found a taxi to take us to our hotel. After checking in we decided to scope the place out and see where exactly Disney Sea was. I was feeling a little better by this time. When we found Disney Sea we discovered no lines at all. Karen had already purchased her ticket online for the next day however I still hadn’t purchased mine yet and was debating doing that but decided against it in case I wasn’t well. That proved to be a good move on my part.

However, as mentioned there were no lines this afternoon and I was feeling not bad and the park was open until 10:00 pm so I decided to go into the park and see it while it wasn’t that busy. Karen joined me at 6:00 pm as she could get into the park for half price then.

We had a great time touring the park and seeing the sights until almost closing time. The next morning Karen went by herself as I wasn’t feeling all that great and we were flying home the next day.

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Farewell to Japan and a Fantastic Trip

So that was our trip, it was a fantastic trip and I loved Japan the first time I went and I fell in love with Japan even more on this trip. It is on my list to go back and visit some different areas that we didn’t get to see and maybe spend even more time in Kyoto.

I hope you enjoyed travelling virtually with me as much as I enjoyed looking back over my time there. Having these blogs will be a great reminder of a very special trip.

Mom and I are heading back to Seattle this weekend for Beth’s funeral. I think I mentioned in a much earlier post that family only seems to gather during weddings and funerals.


  1. sheila

    hey Janice – thanks for the summary of your trip to Japan…. easy to read and fun too…

    • sunshi72_wp

      Thanks, it was fun going down memory lane


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