If you’re like me, you love to create quilty hugs for the ones you love.

Quilts can really be like sending a hug! Especially, a lap size quilt, it’s the perfect size to wrap yourself up in, and they can be so warm and cosy.   

Even though I quilt and have a quilt on every surface possible, when I was diagnosed with cancer my friends and quilting group made me (wait for it) a quilt. Yup even though I had many of my own. They each signed the back of it as well.

I can’t tell you how many times I reached for that quilt when the pain was bad so I could wrap myself up in my friend’s love and hugs.

Quilts are the hug you can’t always give if you don’t live close to your loved ones. It’s the hug you can give to someone who is going through a hard time, either physically or mentally. It’s something warm and tangible they can wrap themselves up in.

Healing with Quilting

I read somewhere that quilting and sewing for others (or for yourself) is a healing art. Being creative and making something for ourselves or to give to others helps heal our hearts and our souls from the losses and pains of life.

This has never been truer than the last two years. More people than ever have turned to quilting, sewing, or crafting of some kind or other to help occupy time as well as find peace during a difficult time.

For me, quilting has always s been therapeutic. It has helped me get through many difficult times in my life.

Quilting has got me through the loss of my Dad, a very difficult divorce and cancer.

It has occupied my mind and soothed my soul. Working with fabric, colour and design to make something beautiful to keep or give to others to keep them warm.

The act of creating, pushing fabric through the machine, has a meditative quality that can not only help the time pass quickly but can also take you out of yourself.

Fibre and Energy

Quilts are usually made with cotton and fibre. This fibre can retain energy so when you are working on a quilt for someone else your healing thoughts and prayers for that person can be transferred from your hands to the quilt. What a lovely way to say, hey, I’m thinking of you.

Handmade Quilts are Special

Handmade quilts are expensive to make! I really don’t think most people realize just how costly the materials that go into a quilt are. People today are used to going to Walmart and purchasing a cheap quilt for very little money. Of course, that quilt doesn’t have the same thoughts, prayers or workmanship as a handmade one. More than likely it won’t even stand up to two or three washings as the quality of the fabric is usually so poor.

The time and money it takes to make a handmade quilt is exactly what makes it so special.

Quilting for Giving Back

Quilters gather for a common purpose. This brings about a sense of community and togetherness.

Quilts can be made for many different charities and given in times of need.

Some charities that quilts are made and donated to are

  1. Women’s transition houses
  2. Neo natal clinics
  3. Quilts of Valour

Quilts are also made and donated when disasters happen. For the quilter, it brings a sense of helping when they may feel helpless to do anything else. For the recipient, the quilt is a reminder that they are not alone and there are people out there who care.

Giving a Hug

Whether you are a creator of a quilty hug or a recipient, either way, the healing comes full circle.

For quilts can very much be an expression of love.

Have you got a story about a time when quilting healed you? Leave it below in the comments.

To make the quilt in the picture above go to the free patterns tab!


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