It’s close to the first day of Fall or Autumn and the weather here in Victoria BC has defiantly turned Fall like. It feels like it was early this year but then again maybe not.Summer and Fall are my two favourite seasons. I love summer because of the warm weather, the temperature has to really rise way up there before you hear me complaining it’s too hot unlike the vast amount of the people who live in Victoria who start complaining if the temp hits 23 (73) which I find barely comfortable.

I love Fall because to me it means new beginnings. Now I know that should be spring but I guess I associate Fall with new clothes, new shoes, new books and pencils and of course the new school year hence new beginnings. How many of you out there remember waiting for the first day of school with both excitement and dread? Finally being able to get out that new dress and shoes purchased a few weeks back and being allowed to finally wear them. I do. I can still remember my very first day attending Victoria High School for the very fist time. I was one of a few Grade 10 students that were admitted into the school at that time and I didn’t know a soul. Talk about terrified and excited all at the same time! It turns out I did know someone though. I knew her through church and we reconnected on that first day of school and we became fast friends. I haven’t seen her for awhile but we are still Facebook friends even after all these years.

Now that summer is over and the children are back to school it’s time to turn our attention to…. Christmas Craft Fairs!

OK maybe not for everyone but for my partner and I it is. Well, one for sure being held at the end of October. I will have more details as the time gets closer however because of this any spare time I have has been spent planning out what items I am going to make to sell and then start to make them.


Here are some Inspirational journal covers I have made. I have a lot more to go and of
course I still have to get the papers together and bind the journals which is one of today’s tasks.

quilting-projects-3To bind the edges of the journal covers I have been using extra-wide double fold bias tape and up to yesterday I have just been getting it from Fabricland when they have it on sale. Well yesterday I used  some Wright’s purchased through a mail order company and I couldn’t believe the difference.

The cover on the bottom has the Fabricland no name bias tape and the one on the top has the Wright’s. The one on the bottom has wrinkles (they do eventually disappear but it is most disconcerting when sewing the tape on) and the Wright’s doesn’t! The Wright’s sews like a dream and I was able to sew it on in half the time it took to wrestle with the no name stuff.

Really who would have thought there was that much difference in bias tape!! I know which type I will be only using from now on!! Oh and by the way, the price was the same! So for all of you out there needing to use bias tape for whatever reason try to avoid the Fabricland no name stuff! You’ll be happy you did.

The other project I have been working on is this years church raffle quilt.


I am still sewing the binding on, the quilt is a good double bed size which is a lot bigger than I had anticipated. I will give more details on this quilt once it is completely finished and is ready to be raffled off.

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Happy Quilting

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