A Few Finishes

Well not much down time these days however only three more sleeps until Mom and I take off for Fort Lauderdale, where we board the Niew Amsterdam on the Holland America line!! Boy do I need a break!! We travel through the Panama Canal and all the way up to Victoria (the ship goes to Vancouver but we have elected to disembark in Victoria, why pay ferry costs just to get home.

I managed to get the longarm machine fixed quickly which was very lucky and I finished quilting the last quilt Monday afternoon. I still had to give one quilt back though as I really didn’t have time for it and I didn’t want to keep it while I was away.

Here is Seeds of Life II. The first Seeds of Life quilt was given to the church for the annual church raffle. This client didn’t win the raffle one and asked me to make her one so this is Seeds of Life II. The photos aren’t great the weather, although warmer is still not great and it’s hard to get good photos of large quilts inside.

Client Quilts 2017-8Client Quilts 2017-7

This is the quilt I was working on when my needle broke on the machine. I got it finished though. Love the colours in this one.

Here is the last quilt I completed. The client just wanted an all over stipple but for this quilt it works nicely around all of that applique. This was her very first quilt can you believe it? She did a great job.

I had a day off today so I made my Mom a tote bag for the trip. How hard can this be right? Well, it turns out it’s not really hard however it is time consuming. I got hers made but won’t have time to complete one myself. Maybe when we get back.

Client Quilts 2017-9

It turned out really nice. I quilted this on my domestic Janome Horizon machine. This was a video from Shabby Fabrics although I changed it up slightly with the inside pockets and I added a magnetic snap. I learned one thing from making this. I like having the video tutorials however not JUST the videos. I prefer to also have written instructions to go along with the video alas this pattern did not have that. I watch on my iPad as I don’t have a computer in the studio and I don’t own a laptop. The issue with doing this kind of thing with an iPad is when you pause the video to do the step the thing locks and you have to unlock it every time (sigh) not to mention the fact it’s hard to rewind. Oh well.

The last project I was hoping to do was a travel jewelry roll for me. I don’t think I am going to get to that so will have to come up with plan B.

I won’t be blogging while I am away as I refuse to pay the high prices for internet on board and I am not taking a laptop with me. I was going to take my partner’s HP tablet computer so I could write but with the way things are going traveling to the US these days I have decided not to as I don’t want to have to put it in the checked luggage if the rules change. I simply don’t trust the airlines enough not to either have things wind up stolen or broken.

So talk to you in May!