Summer Blooms

Well another week has gone by, where does the time go. I try to think back on my week and what I have been doing and it all seems to be a blur. The Victoria Quilt Guild had their semi-annual quilt show this past weekend. I went and had a look around on the Friday.

The show was a good one. Lots of great eye candy and plenty of vendors to spend your money at if you wished. I am very proud of myself, I actually came away without spending any money at all. Why you might ask, because although there was some really good deals and lots of great things to buy, I simply don’t need anything quilt related at this time. I have a whole studio full of fabric, thread and notions some of which are still in the packaging. I did pop into the Library branch that was next door to the show venue and borrow 3 books on entrepreneurship.

Before the quilt show I quilted a quilt made by Susan McGregor that was to hang in the Bib n’ Tucker booth. The name of the quilt pattern is Summer Blooms by Barbara Pershing and Mary Hoover. It turned out great and the pattern sold out at the Bib n’ Tucker booth quickly although I believe Gail is ordering more of the patterns in.

Summer Blooms (1 of 3)Summer Blooms (2 of 3)Summer Blooms (3 of 3)

I really enjoyed quilting this pattern it was a lot of fun and the big colourful blossoms were so cheery to work on. I may have to get this pattern and make this quilt up so I have it hanging in my studio.

I am currently quilting a quilt top I have had hanging around for awhile. It is one of my own designs made from some leftover blocks I had. Not one to waste things I turned them into a quilt.

Saturday is quilting with my friends at the clubhouse here at my townhouse complex. Once a month about 14 women get together and enjoy catching up and sewing away. It is always a good time and I am looking forward to it.