My Studio

Well things are moving along here very nicely at the Sunshine Studio. I had to go into the hospital for a checkup last Friday and what with the prep work and procedure, I feel like I did lose a couple of days of work. However it was all good I received a clean bill of health there was no sign of cancer so that is worth celebrating.

When my partner and I purchased our townhouse here in Victoria BC just over a year ago one of the big priorities is that whatever we purchased had to have room for two studios (he is an artist and musician) and of course I needed room for a quilting studio. Well we found the perfect place and I have the best studio! The man who lived here before us used my studio as a woodworking studio so we had to do a bit of cleaning up before I could claim it as mine but I absolutely love my studio.

Sunshine Studio 2

Looking into the room from the door

Sunshine Studio 1
Another view
Sunshine Studio 3
My sewing corner

It doesn’t get any direct sunlight as it is on the ground floor at the back facing North but there is lots of good lighting and it is just a lovely space to work in. I just finished quilting my 2015 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt called Grand Illusion.

Grand Illusion 1
2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Grand Illusion

I used a free form flower design. You can’t really see it here too much as the quilt design itself is so busy but it worked out quite well. I will need to take some better pictures once the binding is on and I will take the quilt outside. The quilt is queen sized and I couldn’t back up far enough to get good photos of it.

Learning More

Well things are progressing on the blog front. I am learning something new every day. I am trying to limit things to two or three things a day which is why things are taking so long to set up. I find if I try to do more than that I simply get too overwhelmed and frustrated.

On the quilting front I recently made two Rock Candy Table Toppers as gifts for two very special people The pattern is from Jaybird Quilts . I love this pattern and they were fast and easy to make and look great. If you want a quick and easy project to practice your machine quilting on I would highly recommend this pattern. On other quilting news I am finally getting around to quilting my Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion quilt it is on the frame right now and I am about half way through quilting it. I will show pictures once I have completed it.

It is interesting not having to get up and go to work (as in a JOB) every day. I am finding my stress levels have gone way down. I am working just as hard or even harder researching what kind of part time jobs there are out there, how to set up a business to work for oneself, and also what other types of opportunities are out there for making an income these days. The nice thing is that it is all valuable information and I am enjoying doing the work especially as it is on my timetable.