Well, it’s been a week since I last posted. Not a lot of quilting has been going on however I have spent a lot of time reevaluating things so I guess this will be another post about life.

About a week ago an opportunity presented itself to me. The one thing I have learned in life is that when opportunity knocks you at least have to open the door. I chose to open the door and actually got shown into the living room (metaphorically speaking of course). At this point I won’t know whether I will be allowed to see the rest of the house or not. Regardless of what happens it was another learning experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Meanwhile, life continues on, however what the opportunity did do was really make me think about the path I am on and what I want it to look like. For the past 6 months I have been working towards building my own business. It is growing but it is slow and as in any new business any money coming in ends up going back into the business not in your pocket. I have been working hard on this however what I realized in the past week is that I haven’t really given myself permission to just relax and be. In the past 6 months I have been working on something for the business. If not actually working on the quilting, I am working on building the building blocks of the back end of the business or I am learning something new, reading books to develop business skills or change my mindset. I have spent very little time just relaxing and doing something fun. You know, like reading a novel, or watching a movie or doing nothing at all.

Now I really didn’t ever spend a lot of free time doing any of those things anyway, however when I had a “job” I would do these things and not feel quilty. Now that I am working towards having a viable business I actually start to feel quilty if I take time out for just me. My task list is something like, do blog post, get newsletter out, figure out how to ….., read such and such book. What I realized is that the only real time I have spent away from thinking doing or anything else that involves the business is when I am volunteering for church, and even then I would come home on a Sunday and quite often go back to “work”.

So, this past week I took some time out, I still did what needed to get done and then I gave myself permission to watch a movie or listen to a real novel on audio books instead of a how to business book or just sit and watch the wind and rain (it’s been very stormy here the past few days).

Image result for downtime sayings

So, I’ve learned a lot this week. Yes, I still need to move forward working on my business however I need to give myself permission to stop and enjoy some downtime as well.

So do you ever find you need to give yourself permission to just enjoy life? If so leave a comment.


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