I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Janice Symonds of the Victoria Sunshine Studio.

I had 3 quilt tops sitting in my cupboard waiting to be finished.  I spent allot of time and money on the fabric and then spent allot of time doing the piecing.  All of which I enjoy thoroughly .  But putting the quilt together and doing the actual finishing I do not enjoy.  And also I am not good at it.  So I took the plunge and met with Janice to finally finish my quilts.

I am thrilled with the results.  Janice has a wonderful eye for colour and patterns that have really enhanced my piecing.  So instead of sitting in my cupboard these 3 works of art are now ready to go to their forever homes.

I realize that this high level of long arm quilting can be pricey.  But to me the cost incurred on my fabric and my time spent were allot to just sit in the cupboard.  I would highly recommend Janice’s expertise and I know that you will be very pleased with the results that she will help you achieve.

Donna Weidman