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Quilting is finally getting done! It feels good to get back at the longarm┬ámachine. I really needed to take that week or so off though. I think everyone sometimes needs to step back from things, regroup, and seriously think about why they are doing something. The opportunity I mentioned in my last post really made me think about that. I haven’t heard whether anything has come of it or not, but either way I have a much clearer idea of what I want my life to look like.

It’s funny how life goes, I had a lull in my quilting business and this opportunity came up so I decided to look into it. Nothing ventured nothing gained type of thing. The very next day after a meeting I had, I got called asking if I had time to quilt a quilt! Wow OK yes. The day after that another client called asking the same thing and then the third day this happened yet again!

So now I have several quilts waiting to be quilted. I guess the universe was trying to tell me to just slow down and stop worrying, things will turn out the way they are supposed to and it is all good. Patience my friend. New businesses take time to grow.

What the lull I had also taught me though is if I intend to continue down this path I also need to diversify so I will be putting some thought into what I want that to look like.

There is a mantra that I started using about 3 years ago, I sometimes forget to apply it though. I think it’s time to pull that one out again and pin it to my wall.

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Meanwhile I finished one client quilt and need to get back to work now quilting the others.


This is Over the Pond an older pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. My client did it scrappy and it turned out well. It was just quilted with a very simple “water” design as we didn’t want anything to interfere with the pictures. I used Superior Threads So Fine 50 in a soft green that blended well with all the different colours going on. I think it was a good choice of design as you just get some nice texture without overpowering the cute frogs, bees and butterflies pieced into the top.






Happy Quilting

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A New Piano

We haven’t had the best summer here in Victoria but today is nice and sunny and warm. It makes me want to take the day off and head to the beach. Oh well, maybe tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds.

I have20160808_130503 my computer in the den which is just off the kitchen and my partner Kevin decided to put a
n old drafting table in the room as well thinking we may use it. Well it got used all right but mostly as a dumping ground for papers etc. After about a year of this he decided that it simply wasn’t working for him so got rid of the drafting table and found a used Roland piano online at Used Victoria. It was in good working order but needed a little TLC. What does Kevin decide to do? Spray paint it red! It then got reassembled and placed in the corner of the den.

I have to admit it does look nice. It gets played too! Not by me really although I do sit down occasionally however I haven’t played piano since I was 9 and I have forgotten anything I might have known.

Kevin can just sit down and play. He makes it up as he goes and it simply amazes me how he can do that.


You can watch him in action here. I am going to recover that piano seat with patchwork. I think that would be appropriate. Kevin says that’s fine as long as it’s black and red.

Ah technology! Don’t you just love it. I sat down two hours ago to write a quick post and here I still am because I wanted to show a video. So how can you do that and do I need to go to YouTube etc. I can’t just upload video to a free account. I took the video from my smartphone and when I downloaded it to the computer it was sideways. So ok how do you fix that. OK I need a new program, so download the program. Oops the computer needs a restart for the program to work. OK done now back to the blog post. OK now you have to find the draft of the in progress draft post, and on it goes. Nothing is ever as simple and as easy as it looks. Of course once you understand what needs to be done it’s fine but sometimes just trying to figure things out the first time you try something is time consuming.

So enough of this, I do have a new quilt to show but I will save that until Monday now. Ah something to look forward to.

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