Quilt Top Preparation

Preparing your Quilt Top for Successful Longarm Quilting

Proper Quilt Preparation will save time and money. By following the preparations steps below, you can avoid time delays and add-on charges.

  • Do not baste or pin your quilt sandwich. Bring as three separate items- top, bottom and batting.
  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • If backing is pieced please ensure the selvages have been cut off
  • Cut off any stray threads from the quilt top, also trim the threads at the back, dark threads will show through any light areas on the top once the top is quilted.
  • Place a safety pin in the top left hand corner of both the top and backing fabric.
  • Backing fabric should be at lease 4-6″ larger than the top in width and length (i.e. 2-3″ each side)
  • Batting should be 4: larger than the top in width and length
  • If you have pieced blocks to the edges of your quilt, it is best to stabilize the edges with stay stitching 1/4″ from the edge.
  • Be aware that fullness and puckers, which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out.
  • Please do not use bed sheets as a backing