As I have mentioned in a previous post my partner and I are getting ready for a craft sale coming up at the end of this month. In preparation for that we have both been busy creating.


I found this tutorial on Shabby Fabrics for this cute boxed pouch. The only thing I changed was I used heavy weight interfacing on both the lining and the outer fabric as I wanted them to have a bit more body to them. These were really fun to make and it was great going through my scraps and finding scraps large enough to make some of these.

In preparation for starting to sell our items my partner and I decided to purchase the Dream Mobile Point of Sale Machine. What this allows us to do is to have our inventory online aSecure Payment Processingnd access it from our mobile phones and use this device to take both debit and credit card payments for just a small fee without having to pay monthly fees. Since this system won’t be used extensively the fee structure will work well for us until we grow.

We had one hitch however, the machine could only be purchased through Telus exclusively and only online or at one of their “authorized” dealers. Well, when I went to purchase the machine through the online link it proved to be broken. I phoned the support line for the device and they told me it was a Telus issue and they had heard from others looking to purchase as well. I then phoned Telus and was put on hold forever and no one seemed to be able to figure out what I was talking about. To make matters worse there was no “authorized” dealers on Vancouver Island, the support person I talked to suggested calling one of the dealers closest to me which was in Richmond BC. So I did, talk about useless, they weren’t even about to help. So I phoned the nearest outlet to me which would be at Tillicum Mall. The girl I spoke to there was even more useless as well as being completely clueless and needs to work on her customer service skills.

I finally decided to try a different location and this time called the Telus store in Uptown Mall and asked to speak to the manager. The manager’s name is Neil and he was AWESOME!! Fantastic customer service skills. Even though he had never heard of the device he took my name and number and said he’d look into it. He was good on his word, not only did he look into it he was able to order one in for me and went above and beyond.

So this is a shout out for Neil at the Telus Mobility store at Uptown Mall. If you are reading this and live in the area and would like awesome customer service or would like to order one of these machines in, Neil is your man.

On another front Cocoa and I went for our daily walk early today, as it turns out it was just as well as it was nice and sunny earlier and it has completely clouded over now. On this walk we didn’t meet any snakes but we did meet….


a frog, sunning himself in the middle of the path. Cocoa was very curious but not aggressive, however the frog stayed very still. Good thing as it it had hopped Cocoa would have lunged. Not that he would have gotten very far.

What I make with my hands, I give of my heart.

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Happy Quilting

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