A New Piano

We haven’t had the best summer here in Victoria but today is nice and sunny and warm. It makes me want to take the day off and head to the beach. Oh well, maybe tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds.

I have20160808_130503 my computer in the den which is just off the kitchen and my partner Kevin decided to put a
n old drafting table in the room as well thinking we may use it. Well it got used all right but mostly as a dumping ground for papers etc. After about a year of this he decided that it simply wasn’t working for him so got rid of the drafting table and found a used Roland piano online at Used Victoria. It was in good working order but needed a little TLC. What does Kevin decide to do? Spray paint it red! It then got reassembled and placed in the corner of the den.

I have to admit it does look nice. It gets played too! Not by me really although I do sit down occasionally however I haven’t played piano since I was 9 and I have forgotten anything I might have known.

Kevin can just sit down and play. He makes it up as he goes and it simply amazes me how he can do that.


You can watch him in action here. I am going to recover that piano seat with patchwork. I think that would be appropriate. Kevin says that’s fine as long as it’s black and red.

Ah technology! Don’t you just love it. I sat down two hours ago to write a quick post and here I still am because I wanted to show a video. So how can you do that and do I need to go to YouTube etc. I can’t just upload video to a free wordpress.com account. I took the video from my smartphone and when I downloaded it to the computer it was sideways. So ok how do you fix that. OK I need a new program, so download the program. Oops the computer needs a restart for the program to work. OK done now back to the blog post. OK now you have to find the draft of the in progress draft post, and on it goes. Nothing is ever as simple and as easy as it looks. Of course once you understand what needs to be done it’s fine but sometimes just trying to figure things out the first time you try something is time consuming.

So enough of this, I do have a new quilt to show but I will save that until Monday now. Ah something to look forward to.

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Inspiration Journal








Saying Goodbye

Last night we had a sad event. The Victoria Quilting community said good bye to Linda Refuse who was the owner of Satin Moon Quilted Garden Shop here in Victoria BC. Linda passed away unexpectedly on June 7, 2016. She was originally from Alberta her brothers held a small memorial for her there last week. Linda’s friend Jennifer decided we quilters should also celebrate Linda’s life as a friend, quilter and as a larger part of the Victoria quilters scene. In honour of  Linda she decided to organize a tea party with everything decorated in Linda’s favourite colour PINK!

I had the pleasure of working with Linda at the Satin Moon shop three years ago. I had been laid off from my Telecom Analyst position of 15 years and decided to take the summer off (I had been working steady since I was barely 18 years old). Since I was given 18 months severance and I had savings it was a good opportunity for me to regroup. I had two friends who already worked for the shop and I was asked if I wanted to work one day a week there. I was delighted, it got me out of the house and able to play with fabric… my favourite thing.  I discovered I really enjoyed working at the shop and helping the customers choose their fabrics for a project or just check out the projects in progress. I was still working there part time when I received the news I had cancer. Linda was incredibly sweet and since I was unable to continue to look for full time work during that time I remained working part-time at Satin Moon until I was too sick to do so. (I am all better now).

The tea party to honour Linda was a great idea. It was well attended and I’m sure Linda would have loved it. Jennifer even set up a table just for Linda so I’m sure she was there in spirit.

I have included two pictures of the room getting set up in preparation for the event. It always amazes me how you can take a plain room and make it festive my adding tablecloths, flowers and food. One of the pictures has a very badly lit Susan McGregor setting out the cupcakes she brought. Susan also worked with Linda at Satin Moon.

It was a great idea thanks so much Jennifer for organizing this.

Friends are like fabric-you can never have enough!



Lunch at Willows Beach

Well summer is finally here however here in Victoria we had warmer weather in April and May than we are having in June. It’s not that it’s cold it’s just someone got the month’s mixed up. The weather we normally have in April is happening now and April’s weather was hot and dry like it should be now. Oh well!

My partner came home early from work on Friday and we decided to go out for a late lunch and headed over to Willows Galley Fish and Chips in Oak Bay and take it to go and sit on Willows Beach and have a picnic. To get to this area of town from where we live it is a 30 minute drive so this is very much a destination trip for us. The weather was breezy but sunny, if you got out of the wind the sun was nice and warm. Willows Galley Fish and Chip shop is used to people grabbing their meals to go and have a picnic on the beach so they package the food up so that it is easy to take and eat picnic style. We found a log that sheltered us from the wind spread out a blanket and enjoyed the sun, scenery and our lunch. The beach wasn’t packed but there were lots of people there enjoying the day, what surprised me though was how many were in swim suits!!! Seriously! Now granted I am cold blooded but even out of the wind I still had a sweater on. It’s not like anyone was going to be swimming in that cold water so not sure what the deal was with that.

Willows Beach-3

Here is a picture of Kevin enjoying his lunch (he always gets the cod, I am a halibut person myself). Now Kevin doesn’t get near as cold as I do but notice he is wearing a warm vest which he kept on the whole time we were there.

Willows Beach-1

Willows Beach-2

This was a view from where we were sitting. Now in much warmer weather this beach will be packed to the point where I couldn’t have taken this picture without getting a few bodies in the picture as well. You can see one couple there at the water’s edge. You can’t tell in this picture but they were wearing swim suits, I guess trying to get an early start on their tans. Oh well, whatever floats your boat. I was happy in jeans and sweatshirt and staying warm well enjoying my lunch and the view before heading home and back to work.


A Walk in the Park

Well the weather here in Victoria has turned windy and chilly the past few days. I look outside and am not really thrilled that Cocoa needs to go for a walk but that is what is next on my agenda after I finish up this blog post. Poor guy loves to go for a walk but right now he is feeling the chill as well (being a Chihuahua he likes it hot) he is in the den with me as I am writing this. He walked over to his bed and grabbed his blanket and moved it around so the blanket was over him lol.  Unfortunately I didn’t grab the phone fast enough to get a video of it.

Last week was nice though and Cocoa and I had some lovely walks. There are many nice trails right around where I live and it’s so nice to be able to get out in nature without having to go for a long drive. Sometimes if I have errands to do at a mall near where I live I take Cocoa with me (if it’s not too hot and he will only be in the car for 5 minutes or so while I complete the errands) as there is a really nice park right behind the mall where there is a small river and woodland trails. It is a wonderful oasis smack in the middle of an urban area.

Above is some sample photos of the trails and the small river. I love walking along these trails and listening to the birds singing, it reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Well windy or not I should get out and take Cocoa for his daily walk. One thing about dogs is that it forces one to get out and get moving.

Happy Quilting



Art Quest and Other Updates

Well Saturday dawned bright sunny and very warm! It was a good day for an art show though. We got a lot of traffic through the show however I was so busy setting up etc. that I forgot to take pictures. My partner Kevin and I did very well at the show. I sold a lot of my Inspirational Journals that I had brought. Kevin sold some of his CD’s, cards, prints and some journals he had made at www.myskoobi.com.

My partner Kevin Finley is a very talented guy (although he gets embarrassed when I say that). I picked him up for our second date (can’t remember why I was driving that day) but the first thing he did when he got into the car was hand me a CD. I listened to it when I got home from the date and I was blown away with how good it was.  Check out the crazy artwork he did for the album cover. You can check the music out at www.coastcafe.ca/albums.html

The most exciting news is that he sold a painting! Yeah! That was thrilling, although I am not sure who was more excited Kevin or the shows organizer Linda! I don’t have a picture of the piece that sold I will have to post that later.

Has anyone ever used myskoobi.com? It is a company here in Victoria BC that you can upload photos of your artwork and create beautiful journals from them. The quality is fantastic and if you haven’t looked into it I would recommend it.

On other news I finally decided to upgrade my phone! I used to have a BlackBerry Z10 which I loved. I had it for 3 years and it was still going strong! So why did I change you might ask? Well, a number of reasons. Blackberry was slowly getting less and less support from different app makers and although I loved the phone and the operating system now that I am working for myself and I only have the one phone I needed something that allowed me to have access to more apps than the Blackberry was able to support. For instance I want to be able to offer debit and credit card capability to my customers and I was not able to do that with my old phone.

So yesterday I bit the bullet and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. 

Why not an iphone you might ask? Well, the iphones are just too expensive and really the specs on this phone far outperformed the available iphone in the same price range. It has taken me most of last night and some of this morning trying to figure everything out though and getting things set up the way I want it to work. So far so good. I think I am really going to like this phone once I get the hang of it.

On other news I finished quilting a customer quilt today so stayed tuned for some pictures and some info on that quilt tomorrow.

Happy quilting!